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About World Capital of Architecture

UNESCO has chosen Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023.

World Capital of Architecture is a new title given by UNESCO to the city hosting UIA (International Union of Architects) World Congress of Architects. Rio De Janeiro was honored by the title in 2020. Copenhagen will take over the title in 2023.

“The city designated as World Capital of Architecture will become a global forum for discussion on the pressing challenges of our world, through the prisms of culture, heritage, urban planning and architecture. Through this initiative, UNESCO and the UIA are joining forces to develop urban solutions for the benefit of future generations through culture.”

Copenhagen will use the title as World Capital of Architecture to debate and celebrate the city’s architectural past and future, highlighting innovative solutions of resilience, liveability and sustainability.

I hope that Copenhagen, World Capital of Architecture 2023, will encourage the building industry and all of us who are working to develop the city, to create beautiful and sustainable world-class buildings
Camilla van Deurs
City Architect for Copenhagen

Bevica Fonden støtter Arkitekturåret

Sammen med Bevica Fonden kvalificerer vi i partnerskab aktiviteter under Arkitekturåret, så flest mulige er tilgængelige for alle. Det skal blandt andet ske gennem inspiration og workshops.

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