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Cph:Cool offers a new way to explore Copenhagen. Like visiting a knowledgeable friend, who shows the authentic areas of town. Join our tours about contemporary historic architecture and learn how it interacts with people, nature and everyday life.

On our guided architecture walk you will see the great buildings of both old and new masters, while walking through the most interesting and beautiful parts of the city.

We will pass the curvy shapes of SEB bank's headquarter, designed by Lundgaad and Tranberg on an artificial hill. Afterwards we stroll towards the wooden and sensual Wave on the water, which added some important liveability to this part of town. We will then continue to the powerful Royal Library, also known as the Black Diamond and the new architecture center, while showing you how the waterfront changed from an industrial hub to a recreative hangout.

On our way to the historic neighbourhood of Christianshavn we will drop by the parliament and the old renaissance stock exchange – and take a look at The Opera House as well as the iconic functionalistic Knippelsbro from 1935 and the smooth corporate former head quarter of Nordea, designed by Henning Larsen. We end the tour near free town Christiania and the cute and colourful canals of Christianshavn, where the everyday life of Copenhagen is very present. 

The ArchiTour is not only for achitecture afficinados, but also a very nice way of experiencing Copenhagen and getting a geographic and historic overview of the urban development and scales of the city.

On our way we will take time to discuss the architecture we pass and also to interact with the cityscapes: does these solutions improve urban public life and what about the scales? Are they human? Architecture raises so many questions and we will make sure to show you the diversity and structures of the city, and make sure to provide you with more places to explore on your own, if you wish. 



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