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Behind the scenes - Urban Nature around Copenhagen’s first Climate Resilient Neighbourhood

Get a qualified local insight on a walk around the Climate Neighbourhood. Experience local cloudburst solutions and urban nature and see how this combination strives to improve both livability, branding of the neighbourhood and growth of local businesses.

A local citizen with a master of science in sustainable cities and a researcher / lecturer within the synergy between experience economy and sustainable solutions will guide the participants around in Sankt Kjelds neighbourhood and show how good examples in climate adaptation also can enhance livability. We will take you on the journey - how an idea transformed from a study in local health to handling cloudburst with co-benefits in improved livability, growth of existing and new local businesses, and neighbourhood branding. We will start at Tåsinge Plads in front of the local café "Riccos Kaffebar" and on our tour in Copenhagen ́s first Climate Resilient neighbourhood, we will among other relevant places and backyards, visit the Copenhagen Climate Block and get a first hand impression on the process of developing world leading retrofitting projects that include both solutions within climate adaptation and mitigation.

Send your application to omstilling2100@gmail.com

Information about the activity

Denne aktivitet foregår på engelsk og er derfor formuleret på engelsk.


Tåsinge Plads - in front of Riccos Kaffebar - Ourøgade 38, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Omstilling Østerbro


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