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Designing for Diversity

Tapping into the theme Copenhagen in Common, SHL Architects wish to start a discussion on how to design for diversity and create places for the many that embrace different perspectives, asking the question: how do we translate diversity and into design?

During the course of World Capital of Architecture, 2023, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects will initiate an ongoing user-involvement event, using different indoor and outdoor venues in the city. Dedicated spaces will invite citizens, visitors, passers-by etc. to express their opinions on how to create a city for the many. In addition to the physical platforms, we will also launch a digital platform for people to engage in from all over the world, thus widening the participating crowd and expand the conversation to look at cities and architecture in a global perspective.
Furthermore, SHL will arrange for different user-involvement workshops around the city, where we focus on different groups (citizens, children, professionals etc.). To truly engage people, our experience is that we must meet them where they have their everyday life and at eye level. Ultimately, we will collect the inputs and evaluate on the knowledge we have obtained from the events we conduct and use these valuable insights to create a method for best practice user-involvement that we plan to publish as open source, sharing this knowledge to benefit as many people as possible. As a supplement, we will invite professionals and other interested parties (architects, urban planners, politicians working with urban planning and architecture, housing associations etc.) to join a talk about Designing for Diversity at our Schmidt Hammer Lassen studio in Copenhagen.

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