Programme 1.0

World Capital of Architecture programme 1.0

A preview on 2023

The first draft for the year of architecture. The events will be updated continuously towards 2023. We are working on english translations, but until then you can see the events on the danish site. 

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Are you looking forward to the year of architecture 2023?

The first draft of the programme for Copenhagen in Common is now published. Currently the programme is only available in Danish, but we are working for an English translation.

The programme is far from done, but we would like to show you what is under construction. The programme 1.0 is developed in collaboration with different actors – from museums and educational institutions to companies and organisations. New events are continuously coming in, while we are qualifying and tweaking the existing ones.

If you would like to contribute to the year of architecture 2023, you can read more about partnerships here:

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