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Sustainable Living in Ørestad - Exclusive Local Dining in Upcycled Studios

Experience an exclusive evening in a private home i architecture based on sharing economy, sustainability and community. A light dinner is served based on local produce.

This is an exclusive event organized especially for small groups and arranged in cooperation with a family living in Upcycle Studios and a cook. The residents, a couple with children, will tell us about their choice of housing and howsustainability affect their daily lives.

Upcycle Studios from 2018 is designed by the Danish company Lendager Group that specializes in spreading circular economy in the sustainable cities, buildings and organizations of the future and was founded with the aim of being Denmark's leading sustainable design studio.

Upcycle Studios consists of 20 terraced houses with three floors each. Waste concrete, recycled windows and sponge-hit timber has been used. Concepts such as symbiosis, resource utilization and sharing economy are the cornerstones of Upcycle Studios. This is expressed through the extreme degree of flexibility that has been developed for the project, which ensures the best possible utilization of the homes at all hours of the day, and in different phases of life.

Thus, a house can be used as a combined home and workshop for creative, selfemployed or small entrepreneurs. The house can also be used as one home in its full extent for large families. Or it can be divided into two independent departments, which allows you to rent out one part of the house permanently or through, for example, Airbnb to earn a little extra, and at the same time expand the circle of acquaintances during the periods in life when you do not need many rooms.

Information about the activity

A light dinner and drinks are included in the fee.


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Meeting place: Vestamager Metro Station

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