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Walk’n'talk Asgers Have – Rooftop Farm in Ørestad

Meet the association behind the coming rooftop garden and hear about the ideas and social sustainability. Visit the construction site and hear about the garden's future design, the association's green purpose and voluntary community.

Asgers Have is a project initiated by a group of local enthusiasts. Asgers Have is a coming rooftop farm with an associated restaurant that will be established on afuture parking garage opposite Vestamager Metro Station. The group behind Asgers Have has many ideas for different kinds of activities to take place in the upcoming rooftop farm: A green path, meal boxes, a restaurant, acooking school, utility gardens, a publicly accessible meeting space, a communityhall, bees and chickens.Come and meet the team behind the project, hear about the thoughts behind it and how a roof farm, sustainability and community can go hand in hand.

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Vestamagers Metro Station

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