World Capital of Architecture 2023

World Capital of Architecture 2023

The World Capital of Architecture 2023 will be a year with a wide range of events and projects that you as a partner or participant can take part in.

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Copenhagen in Common

World Capital of Architecture 2023 is a celebration of all the things we have in common, looking back, and all the things we can do together, looking ahead. We have the city in common. We have Copenhagen in common.

→ We have history in common

Squares and mansions. Courtyards and castles. Craft and industry. In 2023 we invite locals and visitors to explore the city’s history to learn about who we are and find a common path to a more sustainable future.

→ We have everyday life in common

The daily grind. Social housing and suburban streets. Bike paths and parks. Schools and kindergartens. Supermarkets and construction sites. Ordinary and extraordinary city settings. In 2023 we focus on everyday life and debate how we can develop a city that is welcoming to all.

→ We have nature in common

Green oases and blue water. Flora and fauna. But also, an urgent crisis. Cloudbursts and drought. Imbalances and transition. In 2023, we demonstrate innovative solutions and discuss the tough compromises required to live, dwell and build with respect for nature and our planet.

→ We have architecture in common

Architecture forms the setting for everything we do. A good place to live, work and study. A pleasant place to be. A safe place to explore. In 2023 we invite you all to explore our architecture and be a part of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen in Common – a celebration of all the things we have in common

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